Hi Rogol,

On 16/05/2017 15:44, Faidon Liambotis wrote:
> This was a small outage, affecting only a small portion of European
> traffic (and tiny portion of our global traffic) and not what we'd call
> a "widespread" one -- very far from it.

I think I have to apologize to the Operations team for the the wording I
have chosen for the title of this thread. In hindsight, this issue was

I was taken aback by the combination of the fact that we (at WM-IT) were
contacted by a journalist (which, in hindsight, put on us some pressure
about trying to understand the causes of the problem); we were in fact
experiencing some problems (both Wikimedia Italia's office and myself at
home use Fastweb as ISP); and, finally, I have misjudged the information
contained in the status page.

> This could have been remediated by either a) the intermediate provider
> fixing or working around the issue b) us disabling the use of that
> provider temporarily c) the affected ISPs (like Fastweb) disabling the
> use of that provider temporarily. In this case, we did not wait for (a)
> or (c) and worked around the issue ourselves, faster than Fastweb etc.
> did (and in less than an hour even since the initial report). I think
> the response from our side and our engineers (and especially Arzhel) was
> pretty stellar.

It was.
Thank you, Faidon, and thanks to all the team for the amazing work you do.


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