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Date: Sat, May 20, 2017 at 5:33 PM
Subject: [Wikimedia Announcements] Results of the 2017 Wikimedia Foundation
Board of Trustees election
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The certified results of the 2017 Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees
election are now available on Meta-Wiki:

Congratulations to María Sefidari (User:Raystorm), Dariusz Jemielniak
(User:pundit), and James Heilman (User:Doc James) for receiving the most
community support. Subject to a standard background check, they will be
appointed by the Board at their August meeting at Wikimania.

These results have been certified by the elections committee, the Wikimedia
Foundation staff advisors to the committee, and the Board of Trustees.

There were 5,581 votes cast, with 5,120 of those being valid. The 461-vote
difference comes from recast ballots, where eligible voters recast ballots
to change their votes, and struck votes, of which there were 34. (Some of
the recast votes were also struck.)

Additional information is available on the Wikimedia Blog:

More statistics on the elections and a post-mortem from the committee will
be published in the coming days. In the meantime, we would appreciate your
input—what went well for you in this election?  What could we do better
next time?  These reports are crucial to helping future elections be even
more successful, and we hope that you will offer your feedback and ideas:

The committee would like to thank everyone that participated in this year’s
election for helping make it, again, one of the most diverse and
representative in the movement’s history.

– Wikimedia Foundation Elections Committee

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