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On Wed, May 24, 2017 at 8:13 AM, Aaron Halfaker <>

> Hey everybody,
> TL;DR: I wanted to let you know about an upcoming experimental Reddit AMA
> ("ask me anything") chat we have planned. It will focus on artificial
> intelligence on Wikipedia and how we're working to counteract vandalism
> while also making life better for newcomers.
> We plan to hold this chat on June 1st at 21:00 UTC/14:00 PST in the /r/iAMA
> subreddit[1]. I'd love to answer any questions you have about these topics
> questions, and I'll send a follow-up email to this thread shortly before
> the AMA begins.
> ----
> For those who don't know who I am, I create artificial intelligences[2]
> that support the volunteers who edit Wikipedia[3]. I've been fascinated by
> the ways that crowds of volunteers build massive, high quality information
> resources like Wikipedia for over ten years.
> For more background, I research and then design technologies that make it
> easier to spot vandalism in Wikipedia—which helps support the hundreds of
> thousands of editors who make productive contributions. I also think a lot
> about the dynamics between communities and new users—and ways to make
> communities inviting and welcoming to both long-time community members and
> newcomers who may not be aware of community norms.  For a quick sampling of
> my work, check out my most impactful research paper about Wikipedia[3],
> some recent coverage of my work from *Wired*[4], or check out the master
> list of my projects on my WMF staff user page[5], the documentation for the
> technology team I run[9], or the home page for Wikimedia Research[8].
> This AMA, which I'm doing with with the Foundation's Communications
> department, is somewhat of an experiment. The intended audience for this
> chat is people who might not currently be a part of our community but have
> questions about the way we work—as well as potential research collaborators
> who might want to work with our data or tools. Many may be familiar with
> Wikipedia but not the work we do as a community behind the scenes.
> I'll be talking about the work I'm doing with the ethics of AI and how we
> think about artificial intelligence on Wikipedia, and ways we’re working to
> counteract vandalism on the world’s largest crowdsourced source of
> knowledge—like the ORES extension[6], which you may have seen highlighting
> possibly problematic edits on your watchlist and in RecentChanges.
> I’d love for you to join this chat and ask questions.  If you do not or
> prefer not to use Reddit, we will also be taking questions on ORES'
> MediaWiki talk page[7] and posting answers to both threads.
> 1.
> 2.
> 2.
> 3.
> and_Decline/halfaker13rise-preprint.pdf
> 4.
> expand-the-ranks-of-human-editors/
> 5.
> 6.
> 7.
> 8.
> 9.
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