Hi Katherine,

I'm going to do something bold here and respond in public to your comment
about the changes at WMF since last year.

Standard disclaimer: this reflects only my own views.

I seem to have a long memory for things that have gone badly at WMF over
the years and for longstanding points of contention between communities and
WMF. As you can probably tell from my recent email about WMF financial
matters, I'm also dissatisfied with some things in the here and now.
However, my perception as an outsider is that WMF is in a much better place
than it was when you took over the ED role, and that there are a number of
aspects of the organization which are headed in good directions. My
perception is that WMF was close to chaos when you took over, and that the
situation improved remarkably quickly within the first few months. Also,
there have been remarkably few breakdowns since you took over, and I'm
grateful for that as well. While I have a number of differences of opinion
with you, I think it's only fair to say that you've done a lot of good in
your first year, and I'm hopeful for more ahead. I wish you a second
successful year.

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