Hello everybody,

Normally in our community we used to send angry emails when we were not
happy with how things are going, and we were not sending enough emails of
satisfaction and encouragement. I don't know who started it, but the "what
is making​ you happy this week" series might be one of the best social
achievements our movement has reached.

To continue on that line I would like to tell you what made me happy this
week, but about Katherine Maher, our current leader. In particular about
this video:

If you haven't watched it, do it now and get to know Katherine. I think we
as a community don't deserve a leader like her, at least not yet. The
reason is because she's​ way more advanced than us at seeing how the world
is going and what is there to be done about it.

We can have as many Strategy Talks as we want, but as long as we as a
community are not ready to rally to put ourselves behind Katherine and
fully support her with her mission, it will be all for nothing.

The way I perceive Katherine is a charismatic leader full of light, but her
light is not reaching us fully because we are not giving her enough power
yet. I want to invite all of you as individuals to reflect upon this and
ask yourself if you are as ready as me to support Katherine for the
personal benefit and the whole movement benefit.

I have never done this before but allow me some tolerance to speak on
behalf of the community. Not because I have been elected but because I love
it so much and I want the best for it. So if I were to speak on behalf of
the community I would tell this to Katherine: stop having so much patience
with us.

There was a time when patience was good and necessary, but not anymore. Set
yourself free and do as you please, because I see no possible harm in your
intentions. Don't be afraid about going too fast. The community needs
challenges to grow and if you don't bring them forward, we will not grow
enough to face the world of tomorrow, or today, or yesterday.

We are behind in our progress because of you, Katherine. We need that you
bring to the table ALL what you can do, but you need to do it wisely, and
you lack a bit of that too.
So my advice is to challenge us, but ask first wise people in the movement
first. There are a few of them, but they do exist: Andrea Zanni, Asaf
Bartov, even Délphine (never meet her properly) are clear examples of wise
people. Over time and with practice you will be able to find more, and in
the end you will be wise enough to enlighten us all.

In my more than 10 years in the movement and my particular involved in
leadership, I could have never imagined that we would be so lucky to find a
leader like Katherine. When by chance she was here in Belgium, I live in
Leuven, I asked to meet her. Of course it was not possible, but I use the
opportunity to tell her what I wanted to in that meeting: Katherine, I love
you, not in a romantic way, but the way you are as a person, don't be
afraid if others cannot see you for who you are, you are just great the way
you are.

In a past Conference I brought some gifts to people I cared about, but I am
lucky that I won't be attending this Wikimania (only the Wikidata
conference this year). I feel lucky because I will not have to bring a gift
for Katherine, the only person who was deserved my admiration this year,
and it would be too hard to pick an appropriate gift for her... The Moon?
The stars? They are hard to transport, anyway.

Please forgive me for my ramblings. I just think that Katherine is great
and that she deserves more emails like this one.

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