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Well, here is the abstract.


This   qualitative   study   examines   privacy   practices   and
concerns among contributors to open collaboration projects.
We  collected  interview  data  from  people  who  use  the
anonymity   network   Tor   who   also   contribute   to   online
projects  and  from  Wikipedia  editors  who  are  concerned
about   their   privacy   to   better   understand   how   privacy
concerns    impact    participation    in    open    collaboration
projects.  We  found  that  risks  perceived  by  contributors  to
open  collaboration  projects  include  threats of surveillance,
violence, harassment, opportunity loss, reputation loss, and
fear  for  loved  ones.  We  explain  participants’  operational
and  technical  strategies  for  mitigating  these  risks  and  how
these   strategies   affect   their   contributions.   Finally,   we
discuss  chilling  effects  associated  with  privacy  loss,  the
need for open collaboration projects to go beyond attracting
and  educating  participants  to  consider  their  privacy,  and
some  of  the  social  and  technical  approaches  that  could  be
explored to mitigate risk at a project or community level.

Author Keywords

Wikipedia; Tor; Risk; Privacy; Identity

ACM Classification Keywords

H.5.m.  Information  interfaces  and  presentation  (e.g.,  HCI):

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