On Mon, Jun 12, 2017 at 7:22 PM, Trillium Corsage <trillium2...@yandex.com>

> 06.06.2017, 01:11, "Risker" <risker...@gmail.com>:
> > As far as I can tell (and from comments made in the past by actual Tor
> > users), there is no problem whatsoever for Tor users to read Wikipedia
> > while using Tor. Editing is a completely different situation - and well
> it
> > should be, given the pure unadulterated trash that tends to come in
> > whenever a Tor exit node is missed in the routine lockdowns.

well, editing through Tor when you are logged in is quite ok, right?

One thing that I've been thinking about recently would be defaulting to Tor
in our mobile app - for reading, and for editing just for the logged in

Facebook app currently offers channeling through Tor, but not as default
(mainly because it kills notifications, but we don't need them). If we
defaulted to Tor traffic for our app, we would effectively make blocks
transparent to most users. The advantage of this solution is that probably
99% of our regular readers will not switch to Tor if they have not used it

(just my 2 non-technical cents, possibly a stupid idea)

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