Someone who has a quadcopter created a serene 4K video of Lac de Salanfe in
Valais, Switzerland. The video is now linked from the Wikidata entry page
for the reservoir ( and Wikipedia
pages in English <>, French
<>, and Russian

If you watch the video, I recommend watching it in full screen mode.

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Date: Mon, Jun 12, 2017 at 6:15 AM
Subject: [OSM-talk] experimental video of the lake Lac de Salanfe for the
OSM & Wikidata
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Good afternoon,

I filmed a short, 8:25, 4K video [1] of the lake Lac de Salanfe [2] last
weekend for its Wikidata page [3].

For the first time I used a 3D flying while filming an aerial footage. It
starts at 6:33. The difference with usual aerial filming is that a quad
moves not just on a flat plane in the air with a constant altitude, but in
three dimensions.

The idea is to fly following a relief of an geographical area and by this
creating its three-dimensional representation for including it as a part of
a video.

This lake is located at an elevation of 1925 m, so the air is a bit
rarefied. The quad which I used weighs less than 500 grams. It has got a
modular design. I plan to upgrade some of its components, especially
switching to the digital ESCs, so that the aerial footage would be
smoother. This time it was just an experiment.

It is possible to view the same video on Youtube [4] too.





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