IMHO, it is the consequence of the lack of a clear storage policy for medias 
and files. Commons is not structured (yet),  Wikisource is fragmented in many 
languages and that's one of the side effect.
The same problem apply also for the information on epigraphy or plates for 
example. Or ancient documents that are not printed books, such as hand-written 
In real life, in a big and multidisciplinary academic library all these 
collections (books in different languages, music note sheets, audio files, 
DVDs) might be scattered in different sections or on different supports, but it 
would unusual to create on the long term the sort of classification we have. In 
my experience, they can be separated by theme (e.g. a music library containg 
all media file and books about music or an archeological library offering 
database of inscriptions and academic books), but not by "supports". Books on 
one side, images and audio file on the other, and whatever is left over, it 
looks like we lack a clear organization strategy.
And it's strange sometimes when you work with newbies or expert people from the 
academia. They see wikidata and they don't get why commons is still not 
structured at the same level. They see dozens of different wikisources and they 
don't get why, if commons and wikidata can exist as multilingual platform, in 
wikisource language separation is such a big deal.
One day we really should start rethink the general architecture of our file 

    Il Venerdì 23 Giugno 2017 4:49, Romaine Wiki <> ha 

 Hi all,

I came across the following Kickstarter project about sheet music. The
project aims for making public domain sheet musuc available and keeping
them open. The project is a sort of Wikisource, but then for sheet music,
and I think as Wikimedia movement we should support this somehow.

Seeing this project I realise that with Wikimedia platforms we provide all
kinds of knowledge, but sheet music is too limited possible in Wikimedia

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