This Board was fomed in 2007 to advise the  Wikimedia Foundation, and was
required to be renewed annually.  No resolution was made to do so in 2015,
so by the beginning of 2016 it had lapsed.  This status is reflected at but the corresponding page
at is seriously out of
date (it was written when the board was still in existence).  Just about a
year ago, Dariusz assured me that "it is one of the BGC's priorities to
revise and re-ignite the Advisory Board" and indeed the BGC minutes for
April published a couple of days ago at
show that the BGC took a paper (not made public) from Dariusz on the
subject and agreed to "submit a formal proposal to the Board".  No Board
resoultion on the subject has yet been published.

Rather confusingly, shortly after the BGC meeting, Florence wrote a page
recording the Advisory Board's opinions on matters arising in the current
movement strategy process.  So it would seem that within a fortnight of the
BGC meeting, an entity called the Advisory Board was already in existence

What is the status of the Avisory Board?  Has it been reconstiuted, and if
so, when, and who are its new members?  If it has not been reconstituted,
what is the status of Florence's record?  If and when the Advisory Board is
reconstituted, will input from the Community for potential members be
welcome, and if so how will it be gathered?  Once the Board is in operation
again, is it expected that it will interact with  the Community, and if so,
what will the mechanism be for that interaction.

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