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On Wed, Jun 28, 2017 at 7:52 PM, David Cuenca Tudela <dacu...@gmail.com>

> Recently the review for the Wikidata conference grant application has
> started, and I have complained that the funds allocated are insuficient to
> cover the needs of the grants. The requested amount for the grants was
> 36,000 EUR, but in my opinion that should be at least 72,000 EUR.

You realize that this is pretty much what an annual budget of a small
Wikimedia chapter is, right?

> I have the feeling that the WMF is sitting on a pile of money just giving
> breadcrumbs to the community, and the community has to suffer in silence
> about this stinginess.

The WMF, just as the movement, has a responsibility to our donors, to spend
the money wisely and frugally. We surely do not always do so, but we try.

> Why are there two standards? One standard seems to be that everything that
the WMF needs to allocate can go unsupervised, whereas another standard
> seems to apply to community activities where every penny is so supervised
> that it becomes a pain in the ass to organize anything big.

The WMF's spending is actually reviewed and commented on by the community
and the FDC.

> The Wikidata Conference needs more funds to be a success and I think that
> in the grand scheme of things, the money requested is just peanuts compared
> to the money that the WMF has collected from donors.

I believe we have a responsibility to treat our donor's contributions with
respect and care. I don't think that 70k Euro is peanuts, and rarely you
will find any foundation or NGO considering such an amount to be


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