Dear Katherine, 

I wish a nice holiday to all the WMF staff in the US! Thank you for this 
comprehensive and detailed summary, it’s great to have a diggest pinpointing at 
suggestions that one would not have noticed otherwise. 

I completely agree with the Australian community: we need more appropriate help 
to start editing. This is what the French community tried with the WikiMOOC. It 
actually generated tutorials and content that anyone running an editathon or a 
workshop can use (in French). I must thank Jules Xenard (Jules78120) for his 
inspiring role in coordinating  & leading the French Wikimooc.

I am personally glad to have been able to participate in this survey, and to 
see that someone is actually looking into into detail. 
Being able to hear about other communities and chapters makes us feel being 
part of a global movement, stepping over borders and languages. 

#whatmakesmehappythisweek !

Kind regards (and a nice holiday) 

Natacha / Nattes à chat

> Le 30 juin 2017 à 02:48, Katherine Maher <> a écrit :
> Hi all!
> *Summary: The summary of the Cycle 2 discussions is now online.*
> A summary of the Cycle 2 discussions has been posted on Meta-Wiki.[1]
> Please review the summaries, they’re really informative![2] In the
> meantime, I wanted to highlight some of the things you said during this
> most recent cycle:
> Australian Community participants said we can only create a trusted source
> of knowledge if we are a good community. They also discussed problems
> dealing with new users, and more appropriate help in starting editing.[3]
> Some participants in the Wikimedia Chile Strategy meetup believed that
> without healthy and inclusive communities, content will become “impossible
> and irrelevant”.[4] Marco Correa Pérez, Wikimedia Chile President, and the
> language liaison for the Spanish community, also spoke about this event
> during our monthly metrics and activities meeting earlier today.[5]
> Members of the Wikimedians of Korea User Group talked about improving human
> translation capabilities, the environment for multimedia uploading,
> understanding cultural diversity, and mobile editing.[6]
> On the French Wikipedia discussion participants think we should involve
> experts to improve the verifiability of content, stop “confronting” humans
> against machines. They believe that if we want Wikimedia to be a force in
> the broader knowledge ecosystem, Wikimedia must partner with institutional
> actors to build legitimacy.[7]
> We will be starting Cycle 3 in the next few days. In addition to the
> community and organized group discussions, we have hosted conversations
> with more than 150 experts and partners or potential partners. We have also
> been conducting research in both countries where Wikimedia is well known,
> and those regions where we are not.
> This final cycle is dedicated to considering the findings from these
> conversations with experts and independent research. We want to consider
> the challenges and opportunities that have been identified, and how we may
> want to evolve in response to changes in the world around us.
> These conversations, along the results from cycles 1 and 2, will be used by
> the drafting group to write the draft strategic direction, which will be
> available for your review in August.
> *On a related note*
> We are in the middle of a holiday week in the United States, and as a
> result some Foundation staff are enjoying time off with family and friends.
> Responses may be a bit delayed as a result. I wish everyone enjoying
> holidays have a safe, restful, and joyful time away!
> Bene habeas (Latin translation: “May it be well for you”)
> Katherine
> PS. A version of this message is available for translation on Meta-Wiki.[8]
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]
> [5]
> [6]
> [7]
> [8]
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