The New Voices [1] initiative of the movement strategy [2] has produced
dozens of compelling and challenging insights from around the world. In
July, we are focusing on sharing the key outcomes of New Voices projects
leading up to and through Wikimania 2017 [7]. Here are two recently
published materials you can read and discuss right away:

- A summary of three expert discussions
<> on how
the discovery and sharing of trusted information have evolved. [3]
- A summary of research conclusions
misinformation and how the movement can help people find trustworthy
sources of knowledge. [4] This is part of a series of research briefs [5]
conducted by our outside research partner, Lutman & Associates, on a
variety of topics.

We also invite everyone to join the discussion topic for week 2
both on and off of Meta: "How could we capture the sum of all knowledge
when much of it cannot be verified in traditional ways?" [6]

We're preparing to publish more in the coming days, which we will share
more regularly in conjunction with news about how the New Voices staff is
preparing for Wikimania 2017 [7]. Your participation and feedback is
welcome and appreciated.

Margarita Noriega
Communications Strategist | Wikimedia Foundation
Twitter: @margarita

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