I have a few comments here. These aren't directed personally to Katherine;
this is more like "Pine thinking out loud".

I have am grateful for the depth and breadth of discussions that are
happening in the strategy process. The depth and breadth are more extensive
than I anticipated.

I am uncertain about how the end product will look -- I think that everyone
is -- and I continue to be cautious about spending so much money and time
on developing strategic goals and a strategic plan. Still, I am hopeful
that the end product will be useful.

However, there is still the matter of the financing of the extension of the
grant, and so far the lack of answers about how much it is costing and the
other matters that I raised in my previous emails. I am hoping that WMF
will choose to be cooperative with these inquiries. It seems to me that WMF
should make efforts to set a good example of financial transparency.

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