Dear Wikimedia community,

Here are the latest news from Wikimedia France.

First of all, we are devastated by the passing of our estimate trustee Mrs.
Louise Merzeau on July 15th. Louise had been appointed by the Board in
February with the ambition to learn and profit from her deep knowledge of
and academic research on the commons. Sadly, the current problems of
Wikimedia France did not give her the opportunity to get seriously involved
with the movement before she passed away.

This sad news reached us a few days after the resignation of Mr. Guillaume
Goursat, treasurer, from the Board.

The Board has appointed a new treasurer, Mr. Florian Pépellin, who already
had a mandate from the Board for banking and financial matters. The
executive team (chair, vice-chair and secretary) remains otherwise

The Board has also acknowledged the demand for a general assembly expressed
by more than 25% of our members. This assembly will take place on September
9th and will be the opportunity for members to elect six new Board members
to fill the vacant seats, and discuss current issues. The regular General
Assembly where the certified and audited accounts are presented and voted
will be held in October as usual. Six Board seats will also be renewed then.

Wikimédia France will receive a site visit from the Wikimedia Foundation on
the 25th and 26th of July.

Best regards,

Édouard, on behalf of the board of Wikimédia France
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