Thank you kindly Édouard for sharing this update on all fronts.  I am so
terribly sorry to hear about the passing of Louise Merzeau.

Warm thoughts and regards. SJ

On Sun, Jul 23, 2017 at 6:24 AM, Édouard Hue <>

> Dear Wikimedia community,
> Here are the latest news from Wikimedia France.
> First of all, we are devastated by the passing of our estimate trustee Mrs.
> Louise Merzeau on July 15th. Louise had been appointed by the Board in
> February with the ambition to learn and profit from her deep knowledge of
> and academic research on the commons. Sadly, the current problems of
> Wikimedia France did not give her the opportunity to get seriously involved
> with the movement before she passed away.
> This sad news reached us a few days after the resignation of Mr. Guillaume
> Goursat, treasurer, from the Board.
> The Board has appointed a new treasurer, Mr. Florian Pépellin, who already
> had a mandate from the Board for banking and financial matters. The
> executive team (chair, vice-chair and secretary) remains otherwise
> unchanged.
> The Board has also acknowledged the demand for a general assembly expressed
> by more than 25% of our members. This assembly will take place on September
> 9th and will be the opportunity for members to elect six new Board members
> to fill the vacant seats, and discuss current issues. The regular General
> Assembly where the certified and audited accounts are presented and voted
> will be held in October as usual. Six Board seats will also be renewed
> then.
> Wikimédia France will receive a site visit from the Wikimedia Foundation on
> the 25th and 26th of July.
> Best regards,
> Édouard, on behalf of the board of Wikimédia France
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