Hi All,   response in lines:   Dnia 4 sierpnia 2017 12:08 Gilles Chagnon 
<cont...@gchagnon.fr> napisał(a):  I think the two audits the board 
refers to as those by IDEAS.   However, except of the announcement of the final 
label, there was no  report to the community. An audit usually comes with 
recommendations and  a series of good points/concerns but as far as I know, no 
result was  shared outside of the board/the direction. I can understand that 
some  points may be confidential, but I also think that some conclusions could  
have been shared, provided the auditing organism had been told to write  their 
conclusion in a suitable way.   G. Chagnon   I'd like to confirm: a proper 
audit includes conclusions, recommendations, deadlines etc.; making them public 
is worth debate but, coming from a very open chapter - I am personally in 
favour of openness where possible.    Le 04/08/2017 à 11:45, Ilario Valdelli a 
écrit :  Only an audit can answer. To switch from rumors to facts, this is the  
most appropriate solution.   It seems that Wikimedia France had two audits (but 
it would be  interesting to know if limited only to the financial aspects) and  
another by the FDC.    I would not call the FDC "an audit". It is an 
external community review of a grant application as, under present 
circumstances, the FDC does not have the capacity, and is not being asked, to 
make proper audits (which IMHO should include much more work: both deeper and 
wider, and IMO a site visit would be a must). At the moment the FDC members do 
not even participate in the regular site visits (mostly due to the budget 
constraints).   OTOH, the FDC may be indeed one of the closest things to the 
actual audit that we have in the Movement.    If the community wishes a 
stronger audit in general, or a community-supported audit, perhaps it is a good 
opportunity to start such a discussion.    Best Regards,   michał "aegis 
maelstrom" buczyński  Vice-chair of Wikimedia Poland, FDC Member
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