Are there any pages where the stakeholder groups are listed? And are the
stakeholder groups actively involved in the governance of the development


On Sat, Apr 8, 2017 at 3:17 AM, Katherine Maher <>

> Hi all!
> I apologize that we have not had a formal update the last couple of weeks —
> with Wikimedia Conference, the associated Board meeting, and our regular
> annual planning, I dropped the ball. The good news is that — as you have
> probably seen and heard — a lot of discussions are taking place!
> This week, I’m experimenting with a different type of update: now that the
> conversations have launched, I will be sharing fewer bullet points about
> the process, and more paragraphs about the overall work that is going on
> around the movement. As more conversations happen, I hope future updates
> will continue to be substantive, sharing key themes and discussions as we
> see them emerge.
> Last week, more than 350 Wikimedia community leaders from 70 countries and
> many different stakeholder groups converged on Berlin, during the annual
> meeting of movement affiliates, the Wikimedia Conference. This year,
> leaders from movement affiliates were joined by an additional 200 leaders
> from across the Wikimedia movement to participate in a program track
> focused on movement strategy. In addition to participating in some
> in-person discussions about our shared future direction, volunteers also
> discussed ways to help spread this effort across their activities and
> groups.
> You may be wondering — where are the minutes from our meetings in Berlin?
> Great question. Unusually for our community, the Berlin strategy track was
> almost entirely analog, with markers and paper and sticky notes. The
> facilitation team is in the process of digitalizing all of these materials,
> from session notes to summaries and final statements. You can keep an eye
> (or watch) on the Sources page[1] to keep track as additional materials are
> posted - and jump in to respond and discuss as appropriate!
> The discussions in Berlin are just one of the many ways people across the
> movement have been able to engage in the strategy process since my last
> update. Approximately 50 volunteers and groups are helping coordinate
> discussions and several on-wiki discussions are already underway. This
> cycle (the first of three) will run until April 15th, so there’s still a
> week to share your thoughts - please do!
> All of these are opportunities for you to contribute your thoughts on the
> question, "What do we want to build or achieve together over the next 15
> years?" For example, if you think we should go to deep space (after all,
> we've gone to the Moon[2]), tell us more! Have a quick thought you want to
> contribute? We want to hear it! Check out the participation page on
> Meta-Wiki's movement strategy portal for more information on where and how
> you can engage in this global conversation:
> As conversations continue, we are busy following along. Summaries of the
> on-wiki discussions are being posted on Meta-Wiki,[3] along notes from 64
> recent discussions (and counting!)[1] We are thrilled to see the many
> different ways and places our community are finding to have this important
> discussion about our future. As key themes emerge across communities, I
> hope to share them here.
> About communications: recently, Nicole provided an overview of the progress
> and plans for Track A during our monthly activities and metrics meeting.[4]
> We are also working on a blog post announcing the official start of the
> movement strategy process. In addition to these communications, we’ll keep
> updating these weekly updates. We appreciate all the positive and
> constructive feedback we have received on these updates so far, and invite
> you to send us more on-wiki.[5] As we know, the more communications about
> what is going on, the better.
> Thank you for your continued engagement in this process. I have to confess
> that while I’ve been excited about these conversations, I wasn’t fully
> certain how everything would go once we launched. There is a big difference
> between having a lot of notes on a whiteboard, and actually starting a
> free-wheeling, global, multilingual community conversation with such a wide
> and diverse group of people. Three weeks into the launch of the first
> discussion, I’m genuinely humbled by what everyone is bringing to the
> conversation. This community is brilliant, our vision is inspiring, our
> challenges are great (and exciting), and we have so much opportunity ahead.
> I’m grateful to be able to work alongside you.
> Schönes Wochenende! (German translation: “Have a good weekend!”)
> Cheers,
> Katherine
> PS. A version of this message is available for translation on Meta-Wiki.[6]
> [1]
> movement/2017/Sources
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