Thanks for the update, Christophe. Wishing the board  a productive,
fruitful and smooth year!

And Happy Wikimania, everyone, especially to all the Wikimedians who
couldn't make it this year.
So great that we have live-streaming this year (thanks again, Melody &
Eddie!) and can participate and support from all ends of the world.


On Fri, Aug 11, 2017 at 6:16 PM, Christophe Henner <>

> Hi everyone,
> As is customary, the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees met right
> before Wikimania and appointed new trustees and elected its officers.
> This is a rare occasion as I will not need to write a farewell email. The
> two Board members that were finishing their terms, María and Dariusz, were
> re-elected after the recent community election. And as of today, James
> Heilman has formally rejoined the Board of Trustees.
> Today the Board also elected the officer positions. I am pleased to report
> that the Board has reiterated its trust in the current officers, and both
> María and I will continue serving as Vice Chair and Chair of the Board,
> respectively, for another year.
> It feels a little weird to write this email as there's not much change from
> last year. But I believe that stability and continuity are more than
> welcome!
> So please, join me in "welcoming" María, Dariusz, and James as trustees of
> the Wikimedia Foundation Board.
> María Sefidari began contributing to the Wikimedia projects in 2006 and has
> since served in several roles across the Wikimedia movement. She was a
> founding member of Wikimedia España and Wikimujeres Grupo de Usuarias, and
> she also helped create Spanish Wikipedia's LGBT Wikiproject. She has served
> on several Foundation governance committees, including the Affiliations and
> Individual Engagement Grants committees. María is a professor in the
> Digital Communications, Culture and Citizenship Master's degree program of
> Rey Juan Carlos University at the MediaLab-Prado in Madrid, Spain. She has
> previously served on the Board from August 2013 to July 2015, and most
> recently joined the Board once again in January 2016. She has been selected
> for a second term which will conclude at Wikimania 2020.
> Dariusz Jemielniak has held a variety of roles on Wikimedia projects,
> including administrator, bureaucrat, checkuser, steward and ombudsman. He
> served as the chair of the Wikimedia community’s Funds Dissemination
> Committee for three terms and is the author of “Common knowledge?: An
> Ethnography of Wikipedia.” Dariusz is a full professor of Management, the
> head of the Center for Research on Organizations and Workplaces, and a
> co-founder of the New Research on Digital Societies (NeRDS) group at
> Kozminski University. Dariusz has been re-appointed for a second term as a
> Trustee after first joining the Board in July 2015.
> James Heilman, M.D.,  has helped to found both Wikimedia Canada and
> WikiProject Med Foundation. As an emergency physician in Cranbrook, British
> Columbia, and a faculty member of emergency medicine at the University of
> British Columbia, James is an active member of the medical community on
> Wikimedia projects. James has also been involved in establishing
> collaborations with several organizations, including Translators Without
> Borders and the World Health Organization, to improve Wikimedia’s coverage
> of medical content. James previously served on the Board of Trustees from
> July to December 2015.
> Christophe Henner has been a leader within the Wikimedia community for more
> than 12 years. Prior to joining the Foundation Board in 2016, he served as
> Board Chair of Wikimedia France, and had been a member of the chapter’s
> Board since 2007. During this time, he spent nearly three years in Vice
> Chair and Chair positions. Christophe is currently the Chief Operating
> Officer (COO) of the Blade Group, a cloud computing company headquartered
> in France. At Blade, Christophe is scaling up operations to support the
> company's transition from a start-up to a global company.
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