Caveat: I support a definitely more frugal WMF so also the endowment.

Try to read it from a different perspective. Before donating *lots* of
money donor wants to be sure WMF will be truly committed in pursuing the
plan of an endowment. Putting the same amount of money is a prove, for
donors, WMF truly wants to create an endowment.


2017-08-19 10:33 GMT+02:00 Rogol Domedonfors <>:

> I was surprised to read the record
> of_Endowment_funding_(Fiscal_Year_2016-2017)_and_matching_$
> 5_million_gift_from_Peter_Baldwin_and_Lisbet_Rausing
> of the decision to place $5M into the endowment.  After the anouncement by
> Lisa Gruwell on this list
> December/085712.html
> there was a discussion of what might be done with the funds raised, and a
> number of suggestions were made for how these funds could be used to
> directly support the work of the volunteers who contribute the content to
> the projects, such as
> .
> It is disappointing that the Board has chosen not to fund support of this
> kind.  What is more than disappointing, but positively disturbing is that
> the decision was made in the light of an offer from a donor to match the
> sum put into the endowment.  I suggest that this was not a fair offer, and
> the Board's decision was the wrong one.  Effectively this donor has said to
> the Board that they will pay the Foundation not to support the volunteers,
> and the Board has agreed to follow their wishes.  If the donor believes so
> strongly in the necessity to build up the mission by means of an Endowment,
> why did they not simply gift the money directly into the endowment without
> conditions?  Equally, if the donor believes so strongly that money should
> not be spent supporting the volunteer community, then I challenge them to
> say so explicitly in public and to defend their position.
> I call on the Board to explain to the community of volunteers precisely why
> they have chosen not to offer that support to the community and to state
> that they will not allow future decisions of this nature to be influenced
> by the wishes of one donor, however generous.
> "Rogol"
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