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A: Because it messes up the order in which we read text
Q: Why is top posting such a bad thing?
A: Top posters
Q: What's the most annoying thing on mailing lists?

> Fae,
> You seem rather too quick to leap to the conclusion that anyone who
> disagrees with you on intellectual property has an imperfect understanding
> or is consciously committing "copyfraud".  Have you made any attempts
> whatsoever to engage with the organisation in question to find what their
> position is and consider whether it might have some merits?

I have, and I found both "an imperfect understanding" and "consciously
committing copyfraud" to apply.

> Alternatively, if you are absolutely confident that your understanding of
> the law is correct and theirs is not, then you are at no risk of being
> successfully prosecuted, so what is your problem?

Even an unsuccessful prosecution can be very costly, in terms of both
money and time, to the defendant.

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