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The next Research Showcase will be live-streamed this Wednesday, August 23,
2017 at 11:30 AM (PST) 18:30 UTC.

YouTube stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fa0Ztv2iF4w

As usual, you can join the conversation on IRC at #wikimedia-research. And,
you can watch our past research showcases here

This month's presentation:

Sneha Narayan (Northwestern University)

*The Wikipedia Adventure: Field Evaluation of an Interactive Tutorial for
New Users*

Integrating new users into a community with complex norms presents a
challenge for peer production projects like Wikipedia. We present The
Wikipedia Adventure (TWA): an interactive tutorial that offers a structured
and gamified introduction to Wikipedia. In addition to describing the
design of the system, we present two empirical evaluations. First, we
report on a survey of users, who responded very positively to the tutorial.
Second, we report results from a large-scale invitation-based field
experiment that tests whether using TWA increased newcomers' subsequent
contributions to Wikipedia. We find no effect of either using the tutorial
or of being invited to do so over a period of 180 days. We conclude that
TWA produces a positive socialization experience for those who choose to
use it, but that it does not alter patterns of newcomer activity. We
reflect on the implications of these mixed results for the evaluation of
similar social computing systems.

Andrew Su (Scripps Research Institute)

*The Gene Wiki: Using Wikipedia and Wikidata to organize biomedical

The Gene Wiki project began in 2007 with the goal of creating a
collaboratively-written, community-reviewed, and continuously-updated
review article for every human gene within Wikipedia.  In 2013, shortly
after the creation of the Wikidata project, the project expanded to include
the organization and integration of structured biomedical data.  This talk
will focus on our current and future work, including efforts to encourage
contributions from biomedical domain experts, to build custom applications
that use Wikidata as the back-end knowledge base, and to promote
CC0-licensing among biomedical knowledge resources.  Comments, feedback and
contributions are welcome at https://github.com/SuLab/genewikicentral and


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