On 19/08/2017 12:05, Lodewijk wrote:
> Thanks for the link, Rogol. It is wonderful to hear that these generous
> donors have decided to match a deposit of $5 million into the endowment.
> It is always a good thing if someone from the board could expand on what
> (if anything) the board is planning to do with the proposed expenses. The
> way you're framing this decision is not something I consider fair.

I agree with Lodewijk.

On 21/08/2017 18:48, Rogol Domedonfors wrote:
> I'm know that the WMF has determined that it should have some form of
> endowment,  The question is -- as is usual in question of this sort -- one
> of balance: in this case, balance between current spending for the benefit
> of the projects today, and accumulating capital for the benefit of the
> projects tomorrow.  I am asking the Board to say why they decided to
> that balance where they did -- given the obvious need for that support
> right now -- and whether it is appropriate for large donors to apparently
> influence that decision.

This is a much better way to approach this discussion. I recognize the
concern, and - although admittedly I don't know in the detail how the
endowment is managed - I wouldn't say that the donor is influencing the
decision as long as there are no further restrictions on how the money
will be invested.


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