When viewed on my iPhone the 'New Native Feel' version has *five* full screens of text headed 'To all our readers in the US'. To be honest, unless I had known about this in advance I would have thought I'd been directed to the wrong page. I'd never bother to scroll down that far to get to the actual content, as I would have no reason to believe I was even in the right place to see it.

The reason it takes so many screenfuls is that all the text from 'We will get straight to the point ..' onwards is crowed into a narrow column on the left hand side, with the rest of the screen being blank.

Hope that helps.


Joseph Seddon wrote:
Hey Wikimedia-l

Apologies for the short notice.

I wanted to give you a heads up on a banner test that will soon be going

We've been working on a new style of banner that is specifically designed
to have the same native look and feel as the rest of the site and
interface. It's intended to be understated and you'll see is very different
to our currently best performing banner:


New Native feel:

Any feedback is welcome.


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