2017-08-23 7:03 GMT+03:00 John Mark Vandenberg <jay...@gmail.com>:
> Hi list members,
> Proposal #1: Monthly 'soft quota' reduced from 30 to 15

The problem with this system is, IMO, not the quota, but the 'soft'
part. There is obviously a thin line between not wanting to break the
discussion and allowing it to be hijacked.

If a quota system is needed (as opposed to considering the moderators
"benevolent dictators" that can use moderation whenever needed), may I
suggest we keep the current quota and add an additional per-thread
soft quota of 1 message/day and a hard quota of 2 messages per day?
"Hard quota" would mean being put on moderation *immediately* after
sending the 3rd message, for increasing periods, just like blocks on
wiki. I think this would further limit the ability of target users to
hijack threads, while discouraging other types of disrupting posting,
such as bikeshedding or back-and-forth exchanges between a couple of
users. The soft limit would also discourage one-liners and encourage
to-the-point emails considering all the points expressed so far.

> --
> Proposal #2: Posts by globally banned people not permitted

Definitely agree.

> --
> Proposal #3: Identity of an account locked / blocked / banned by two
> Wikimedia communities limited to five (5) posts per month

Agree in principle, but with the same note as on Proposal #4

> --
> Proposal #4: Undisclosed alternative identities limited to five (5)
> posts per month

This is a risky proposal and I would not support it without further
data to justify it. List maintainers should not become checkusers or
do real-life police work.


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