(Cross-posting, because this can interest subscribers of several focused
mailing lists. This doesn't need much discussion on the mailing lists, and
the linked talk page can be used if any discussion is needed.)

Many wikis in the Wikimedia world give editors suggestions about the
correct usage of each respective language: orthography, register,
punctuation, and so on.

I started a page to list of such language guides:

I added a bunch of links to Hebrew there because that's my home wiki. I
also added a few pages that I could find for Catalan, Indonesian, Russian,
and Bosnian.

Please add your languages there! Surely there are dozens and dozens of
missing links there.

Before you ask: The linked page explains why Wikidata is not very
convenient for maintaining such a list, but if you think that you can put
this nicely in Wikidata, be bold.

Thank you!

Also thanks to whoever maintains the Wikipedia Indonesia Twitter account
(@idwiki) for giving me the idea for starting this page!

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