I thought the electoral commission would forward the results but over 24h hours after the GA closed... apparently not.

So very brief summary:

Saturday, Wikimedia France held a full day General Assembly.

The agenda was here : https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimédia_France/Assemblée_générale/septembre_2017

Results of votes are available there : https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/04/WMFR_AG_2017-09-09.pdf

Key points
* Emeric (chairman until end of June) resigned the day prior to the General Assembly * the remaining board (5 people) was constituted of Samuel (Chair), Marie-Alice (Vice Chair), FloFlo (treasurer), Edouard and Florence Raymond (not me...) * Raymond, who was an appointed board member, was confirmed by the General Assembly * the General Assembly voted by 73% the "lack of trust" in the previous board * however, the General Assembly voted to retain the remainer of the previous board despite the distrust, in order to allow transfer of information and to support the new board during the audit. * Floflo and Edouard will finish their term in 6 weeks (may resign earlier). Samuel and Marie-Alice indicated they would resign at the earliest convenience, only staying to help the transition and the audit

* 6 new people were elected on the board. 4 for slightly more than a year, 2 for a duration of 6 weeks. All of those are experienced members, including former board members and former president (I suppose presentations will follow next week)
* the chapter mailing list is reopened
* the members whose new memberships or renewal had been rejected will be invited to re-apply
* the prior vote passed in July to expell members will be cancelled
* the GA also voted to support the adoption of a non-discrimination policy, for a complete revamping of the conflict of interest committee, and for a financial audit to be done.

Sides notes

Next General Assembly will take place around 20th of October and will be the opportunity to elect new board members to fill the remaining seats. Except for the appointed board member, it is likely the board will be entirely renewed in the next few weeks (compared to this last summer one).

Also, WMF published two documents to guide the next few months

WMFr site visit report - septembre 2017

Grant expectations for Wikimedia France - 2017-2018

I wish the best to the new board. They have a lot of work to do to rebuild the complete mess left by the previous management. Please, help them as much as you can.


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