The point is not to enforce identification of editors, but to make it
possible in some cases.

On Mon, Sep 18, 2017 at 8:25 AM, petrohs <> wrote:

> Buen día
> Puede ser que mi inglés no sea claro y por ello no habré entendido.  Pero,
> no veo el punto de solicitar el nombre real para identificar a quien edita
> en Wikipedia.
> Creo que la privacidad y el respeto al anonimato es parte fundamental del
> proyecto. A mi se me ocurren muchos mas temas en contra que en pro,
> seguramente porque soy ''conspiranoico''; en muchos países se puede poner
> en riesgo la integridad física de las personas a tener un nombre real con
> sus ediciones.
> Pero nuevamente repito, igual y soy yo que no he entendido correctamente
> el punto.
> Gracias.
> El 17/09/17 a las 17:46, John Erling Blad escribió:
> In some cases it would be a lot easier and/or better if it was possible to
> identify and not just authenticate an user. This could include such things
> as turning on real name for identified users, or limiting elevated rights
> to them, thereby avoiding renomination of banned users.
> In a lot of countries it is now possible to get access to systems with
> highly trustworthy identification. This is at least possible in several
> European countries, and I bet it will be quite common in the coming years.
> If some users are identified and some not, what would be the pros and cons?
> I guess the difference should be visible somehow, but would it be necessary
> to show who is identified everywhere? It could perhaps be interesting to
> show the persons real names, but that would not be necessary? I can't see
> that identification at the system should imply public disclosure of the
> same information.
> Some pros;
> - reclaiming user accounts would be somewhat easier
> - real names could be used (no impersonation)
> - user verification of various public departments
> - proofs of identity for copyright claims
> Some cons;
> - non-identified users might feel they are second rate citizens
> - easier to stalk users with real names ((trans)gender problem?)
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