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On Tue, Sep 26, 2017 at 10:04 AM, Michael Snow <>

> On 9/26/2017 6:34 AM, Jean-Philippe Béland wrote:
>> So what is Wikipedia-l
>> <> for? It is
>> describe "for issues specific to Wikipedia (and not sister projects such
>> as
>> Wiktionary) but affecting editions of Wikipedia in more than one
>> language".
>> Exactly what you are talking about "content about Wikipedia,
>> *particularly* when not specific to any one language"...
> In terms of the original design, you are correct that wikipedia-l was
> intended for this. However, if I may attempt to restate Asaf's point, that
> list has no meaningful activity, and it is counterproductive to insist that
> people use it when this list can serve the purpose. Initiating a productive
> conversation on this list is already work enough, we should not multiply
> the effort needed by requiring that someone also revive a comatose mailing
> list.
> That being said, if someone else wanted to take on the second task
> (reviving wikipedia-l) and forwarded this message there, or started a
> parallel conversation, I don't think that would be particularly
> problematic. But as this situation indicates, there is a challenge involved
> in determining how to use our multiplicity of lists with adjacent and
> potentially overlapping topic areas. I suspect the activity patterns into
> which we have drifted should tell us something about the optimum
> configuration of lists and topics, in the same way that say, Wikiversity
> languishing while Wikidata flourishes should tell us something about the
> optimum number of projects we can support.
> --Michael Snow
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