Hi everyone,

We've published a status report on Community Tech's work for the year so
far, based on the 2016 Community Wishlist Survey:


I'll post the quick summary version here; there's lots more information on
the wiki page.

In the top 10...

Completed 5 wishes:

Wish #5: Rewrite XTools -- Live at xtools.wmflabs.org

Wish #6: Wikitext editor syntax highlighting -- Live as Beta feature on
language wikis. We’re still working on right-to-left languages.

Wish #7: Warning on unsuccessful login attempts -- Live on all wikis, see
Preferences/Notifications to change defaults.

Wish #9: Fix Mr. Z-bot's popular pages bot -- Live, see WikiProject
Spiders/Popular pages for an example.

Wish #10: User rights expiration -- Completed by volunteer developer This,
that and the other.

Currently working on 3 wishes:

Wish #2: Edit summary length for non-Latin languages -- MediaWiki Platform
team is deploying the necessary database changes. There are a few more
steps; we expect the wish to be completed by the end of the year.

Wish #3: Section heading URLs for non-Latin languages -- The work has
essentially been completed, but the changes will take a couple months to
propagate across all the pages. We expect to see the first changes in late
October, with everything completed by late November.

Wish #4: Global preferences -- Currently in active development; we expect
this to be completed by the end of the year.

Still investigating 2 wishes:

Wish #1: Global gadgets

Wish #8: Automatic archive for new external links

Projects for smaller groups:

There are also some non-wishlist projects that the Community Tech team has
been working on for smaller groups:

For Wikisource: Internet Archive Upload tool
For grant recipients: Grant metrics tool
For admins and checkusers: Range contributions
For admins: Cookie blocking
For English WP New Pages Patrol: ACTRIAL research, related to Wish #14:
Article Creation Workflow

That's the quick list; check out the status report for information on all
of these projects:


The 2017 Community Wishlist Survey will start on November 6th! Stay tuned
for more info about the new survey.

Danny Horn & Ryan Kaldari
Senior Product Manager & Senior Engineering Manager
WMF Community Tech
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