Thanks for the heads up. Cool initiative. This will likely mean we
will see conflicted editors in greater numbers trying to adjust the
articles in question. So something to keep an eye on.


On Thu, Oct 5, 2017 at 1:54 PM, Toby Negrin <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> You might have seen that Facebook announced a test of a new feature today
> that uses English Wikipedia content.[1] The new feature provides more
> context about the source of news articles users see in their News Feed on
> Facebook by pulling information about publishers from Wikipedia.
> We got a heads up about this feature late last week and have been talking
> to Facebook since then to better understand how it works.
> Here is what we know so far: The feature is an “i” link which Facebook
> users can click on to get more context about a news article's source. The
> information provided includes Wikipedia content in addition to other
> resources. The feature will pull the first three sentences (approximately
> 300 characters) of an English Wikipedia article about a given news
> publication with a link to “continue reading” on Wikipedia, with
> attribution to Wikipedia and Creative Commons licensing information. If no
> article exists for that news publication, it will note that instead.
> The feature will be made available to a limited number of users based in
> the United States starting today as a part of their product testing. We
> don’t have information on the roll-out plan, which will depend on the
> results from the testing.
> On a technical basis, this test is utilizing (and regularly updating) XML
> dumps to get the Wikipedia content. This does not put as much load on our
> servers, but also leaves the content slightly outdated. This is an issue we
> are discussing with their technical folks alongside other issues like
> content in other languages.
> While this new feature did not come from any partnership with a Wikimedia
> organization and our open access model means this is something they are
> able to do without engaging with us, we appreciate them contacting us
> before it went live. We are also always happy to see Wikipedia content
> being used to inform more people. We hope to continue to have conversations
> with Facebook about the impact of this feature on Wikipedia and will
> continue to share relevant updates with Foundation staff and community.
> If you haven’t heard about it yet, here is some press:
> --Toby
> [1]
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