the linkedin page of emeric says that WMFR has 1.2 Mio Eur budget, 15 FTE
employees. which year was this?

DirectorCompany NameWikimédia FranceDates EmployedDec 2012 – Sep 2017
Duration4 yrs 10 mosLocationMontpellier | Paris

- June 2017 to present : Board of trustees member
- May 2016 to may 2017 : Chairman / President
- October 2014 to April 2016: Vice-chair
- December 2012 to September 2014: Deputy treasurer

Wikimedia France is a non-profit organization (based on "the Association
act of 1901" in France) which promotes and supports 14 projects, the best
known is Wikipedia. The 3 main missions are:
- Increase contents on this projects (quality and quantity) ;
- Facilitation of interested communities ;
- Action on the environment (economic, legal, technical) to make it
favorable to our movement.

Budget: € 1,200,000
Team (Full Time Equivalent) : 15

Main skills: strategy, volunteers & staff management, dyarchical
governance, international relationships, financial and accounting analysis,
internal control, human resources, labour law, press and media
relationships, public policy, lobbying, internal and external communication.

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