WMSE has run programs with this focus for more then 3 years on svwp.

The result have been roughly
2-3 generated more then 1000 articles
15-25 generated more then 100 articles
100-200 more then 10 articles
around 500 at least one
giving a total of a bit more the 10000 new articles of women. And even being a bit on the short side, there is nothing wrong in them or to be ashamed of. (and many fascinating stories can be fund among them)

Enwp has 30 times as many editors than svwp. so I see nothing unrealistic with a goals of 100000 new articles, but perhaps it could take somewhat longer then anticipated

Den 2017-10-15 kl. 16:02, skrev Gnangarra:
I cant believe this
got WMF funding, the idea of trying to create 100,000 stub articles on
english wikipedia without any thought to how it'll impact on the

I find it ironic that a competition is being funded to encourage current
contributors to do what we wont accept from new editors.  If a new editor
was to create an article it wouldnt pass through the Articles for Creation
process because its half the size of the minimum set there. Many of the
competition articles will just get tagged CSD - A1, A7, A9 even G2

While there is a nice bot that will count the size of the prose, there is
no automated process for checking copyright violations, checking for
notability and most importantly checking for BLP with the aim of 100,000
the community will years to clean up the mess that is about to be created.

​we are 15 days from this disaster commencing​

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