Hi all,

I’m delighted to share that a final version of the Wikimedia movement's new
strategic direction has been posted on Meta-Wiki:

The drafting group[1] bravely spent several weeks reading, considering, and
(when possible) responding to the comments posted about the previous
drafts. Attempting to capture and synthesize the aspirations and opinions
of a global movement based on hundreds of offline and online conversations
is no easy task. Please join me in thanking them not only for taking on
this formidable process, but for helping develop something I believe we can
all be proud of.

I am optimistic that this strategic direction provides every individual and
entity within the Wikimedia movement something to be excited about.
Beginning on October 26, we will be asking for individual contributors and
organized groups to endorse this new strategic direction for our movement.
I encourage you to spend the intervening days discussing this direction and
determining if you and/or your group will be endorsing it. You will find
more information about the endorsement day and the process on the
direction’s meta page next week.

The endorsement concludes phase 1 of the process, and we are currently
drafting the next steps of the process. The main goal of phase 2 will be to
answer the question "How do we implement the strategic direction", which
means identifying the resources needed for execution, and the activities it
involves. A first rough overview of this phase is being developed on Meta.
Take a look! [2]

On a different note, we have completed the move into our new office space
at One Montgomery Tower![3] Once again, thank you to everyone on staff who
was involved in making the move so seamless, and to all of you for your
patience over the past couple of weeks. Later this month, once we are more
settled in, we will be sharing photos and information about our new space
on the Wikimedia Blog.

Stay tuned!

መልካም ቀን። (Amharic translation: “Have a nice day”),


[2] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_2030/Process_planning
[3] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Foundation_headquarters
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