On Tue, Oct 24, 2017 at 7:20 PM Cristian Consonni <crist...@balist.es>

> On 24/10/2017 17:39, mathieu stumpf guntz wrote:
> > I would find interesting to have a copy of that video on Commons. It
> > might for example let the community use curration/translation facilities
> > of subtitles of our platform. According to the bottomline "Unless
> > otherwise noted this site and its contents are licensed under a Creative
> > Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.", but the video is stored on
> > youtube, so I'm not sure the statement applies.
> >
> > Actually, I don't know if that's already something on rails somewhere,
> > but encouraging educational establishment to publish their multimedia
> > works on commons should be targeted. All the more when they are already
> > publishing works under a free license. :)
> If you look at the video on Youtube[1], it says that its license is
> indeed CC-BY (and indeed CC-BY 3.0 Unported, more info on this page[2])
> So, I think that this can be uploaded also on Commons without issue.

This is now done:

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