> (Oddly enough, I am more likely to read a Wikipedia article
> from beginning to end if I'm looking something up on the Kindle, while I'm
> reading a book.)

There's definitely some appetite for [WP-branded and -supported!] reading
and research devices tuned for this sort of work: hyperlinked referencing,
bookmarking, reading, annotating, and compiling into an overview of one's
thoughts while working through an original document [book, article,
encyclopedia article].

> I think it would be more interesting to spin off the existing
> > "Wikipedia Library" into its own international organization (or home
> > it with an existing one), tasked with giving free knowledge
> > contributors (including potentially to other free knowledge projects
> > like OSM) access to proprietary resources

Warmly agreed.  Related essential services: curating and organizing
proprietary resources, and transmogrifying them into reusable elements [cf.
A few narrow areas of this are covered by commercial services, but most are

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