The board of Wikimedia Israel, on behalf of the Wikimedia Israel chapter,
wish to express its support and endorse the strategic direction, drafted by
the movement’s strategic team.

The board read, discussed and decided unanimously to endorse the strategic
direction and to express its gratitude for the movement's efforts so far.

WMIL was proud to take part in this process. We hosted several board &
community meetings to discuss the different topics raised by the strategic
team in each phase. We also hosted a salon strategy dinner [1] with a group
of experts from the communication, education and high-tech industries.

We found these meetings not only a contribution to the strategic process
but also as a great opportunity for our members to share and listen to
their friends’ ideas and visions for our movement. It was super important
and interesting to listen and learn from experts outside of our movement
and we will look forward to hosting these kinds of meetings and working
groups outside of the current strategy process as part of our yearly work.

We wish to thanks the whole team involved with leading this process so far
and we look forward to working together on the next phase of this

Thank you!

*Regards,Itzik Edri*
Chairperson, Wikimedia Israel
+972-54-5878078 |
Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the
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