Dear fellow Wikimedians,

As a volunteer member of some of the support groups for phase 1 of movement
strategy process [1], I am excited about the Endorsement Day and am one of
the people who has *individually endorsed
With my letter to Wikimedia-l I would like to remind everyone that there is
this possibilty of individual endorsement that may not have really been
highlighted. So, if you personally feel like endorsing the direction, you
are more than welcome to do that!
I am happy to see already quite many endorsements on respective meta page.
I am also happy that there are people presenting their discord with
strategic direction in a constructive way on the endorsement discussion page
I think that it is important not only to endorse or not endorse the
document, but also to give rationale why it is done. I believe that this
will help us in moving forward together with Phase 2 and learn as we go.
As a result I have written a small essay in my user namespace
presenting some of the reasons why I am happy with what we have achieved in
phase 1 and with having a strategic direction for our movement. You may
agree or disagree, but I feel it is important to express one's opinion.
Also I encourage everyone else to share their reasons for liking or
disliking the direction with wider Wikimedia public, so we can learn more
and have even more meaningful phase 2.
I thank you for your time and kind attention!

Best regards,
Kaarel Vaidla

[1] Namely, Community Process Steering Committee
Track A Advisory Group
and Drafting Group
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