Hey all!

Just a quick update and heads up on our upcoming fundraising activities.

This quarter marks an exciting time for the Wikimedia Foundation
Fundraising team as we run our English fundraiser, the largest campaign of
the year. As with previous years, that means running banners on English
Wikipedia and sending emails to past donors. It means hundreds of A/B tests
analyzing the impact of our messages to learn what kinds of content
resonates best with Wikipedia readers.

We’re just a few weeks away from the official launch of our banner campaign
on Giving Tuesday, November 28. [1] In the meantime, our email campaign has
launched and we are running periodic banner tests. By spreading out our
testing throughout the quarter, we are able to make more thoughtful choices
with regards to banner and email content, while limiting overall disruption
to our readers. We will not be showing more appeals or sending more emails
per user than previous years.

Last year, we ran a number of feedback sessions and surveys with both staff
and community, and we are hugely grateful to everyone who participated and
shared their feedback. We will be reaching out to English-languages
affiliates to take part in such sessions again. If you are interested in
joining such a session, please contact me offlist or sign up on the
Fundraising Ideas page. [3]

There are a number of other ways you can help support the fundraiser:


   Have specific ideas or stories we should tell via social media, banners,
   emails etc.? We’re also looking for nice images, if you could point us to
   your favorites from Commons. Please add them to our fundraising ideas page.


   If you need to report a bug or technical issue, please create a
   Phabricator ticket. [4]


   If you see a donor on a talk page, OTRS, or social media with questions
   about donating or having difficulties in the donation process, please refer
   them to donate{{at}}wikimedia.org.

   Feel free to test our payments flow [5] and suggest improvements. [4]

We look forward to working with you all in the coming weeks.

Many thanks



*Community and Audience Engagement Associate *

Wikimedia Foundation

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giving_Tuesday


[3] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Fundraising/2017-18_Fundraising_ideas

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