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Saluton ĉiuj,

Your fellow wikimedian was invited to present the Wikimedia movement in a conference organized by "Association des Masters en Économie de Strasbourg", which will occur Tuesday, November 28th, in Strasbourg (who would have guest?).

More information are below in French, but the main point is that the conference is entitled "Dissemination of Knowledge: What Limits", and after a call to better understand what was expected, the main point which will be presented:

1. How is structured the movement (relation between
2. What are the requirements of Wikipedia regarding information reliability
3. The different knowledge dissemination supports: what limits?

The main point, in term of coverage, will be the second.

No concern worries me about being able to cover all this topics in a way far more extensive than required for this conference. However, it would be appreciable if feedback was provided regarding what the community as a whole think important to highlight. More broadly any other advise that the topic or the main points might inspire to you would be warmly welcome.

Ĝis baldaŭ,

Good evening

I think you should exercise more caution in forwarding entire private discussions (which include phone number etc.) by email to a public list.

Otherwise... by experience, students in France have been repeated over and over to be careful about their private information. Hence, you should anticipate and expect questions related to privacy on Wikimedia projects, and by extension, harassements issues (hot topic those days).

I invite you to take a look at : https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/WikiConvention_francophone/2017/Programme/Fossé_des_genres_et_harcèlement:_le_point_sur_les_projets_francophones


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