A recent Signpost piece, "Good faith gibberish",
chooses to mock the claimed incomprehensibility of certain Wikipedia
articles, two of which are mathematics articles by the same author.  There
are three things which, taken together make this a matter of concern to the
wider community.

Firstly, the article is by an account self-described "as a WP Visiting
Scholar, and Wikipedian in Residence".  It is thereby flagged as an
emanation of the movement.

Secondly, the alleged incomprehensibility of the mathematics articles,
which are correct and succinct, is entirely attributable to the ignorance
of the Signpost's author and editors.  Even those completely ignorant of
mathematics could have used Google Books to discover that the
Federer--Morse Theorem is not, as suggested, a hoax.

Thirdly, the author selected for mockery in this way, user:r.e.b., is not
only an expert, but an extremely distinguished mathematician, at a level
equivalent to a Nobel prize-winner in another discipline.  He has written
numerous articles on mathematics and I have long thought that Wikipedia
scarcely deserves his work.  Now I'm sure of it.

So there we have it.  A Wikpedian-in-Residence makes it clear that "experts
are scum".  Is this the message the community chooses to present going
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