Hey all!

I wanted to send a quick reminder that our English language fundraiser is
officially launching tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday 28th November, at 16.00
UTC) with some final systems tests running between now and then.

---Banners and Ideas---

You can see the all of our current most effective fundraising banners on
our Fundraising Ideas page where you can also contribute any specific ideas
or stories we should tell via social media, banners, emails etc:


---Blog Posts---

We've recently published two blog posts about our fundraising work. The
first covers how we try to limit the disruption to our readers during
campaigns. The second is a recent tranche of research conducted into what
our readers think about our fundraising. Take a look!

Banner limiting:

Donor research:

---Reporting Issues---

If you see any technical issues with the banners or payments systems please
do report it on phabricator:


If you see a donor on a talk page, OTRS, or social media with questions
about donating or having difficulties in the donation process, please refer
them to: donate{{at}}wikimedia.org

Here is also the ever present fundraising IRC channel to raise urgent
technical issues: #wikimedia-fundraising


---Next Updates---

There will be a further launch announcement on the Wikimedia blog tomorrow
and I will give a brief update at the end of the week with our progress and
hopefully some interesting initial lessons learnt. A more substantial
update will follow later in the week.

Finally, I’d like to thank the community here in advance for your help and
patience over the coming weeks. From here on out, wish us luck!

Many Thanks



Community & Audience Engagement Associate

Advancement (Fundraising), Wikimedia Foundation
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