Respecting the privacy of others is one of our core values as a movement.
Esra’a Al Shafei is not an anonymous person, AFAIK. If they are not willing
to share their photos or video or does not wish to be photographed, I don't
see any problem with that and I think we should respect their decision.



On Dec 2, 2017 5:31 AM, "Cristian Consonni" <> wrote:

> On 01/12/2017 23:22, Michael Peel wrote:
> > Thank you, Esra’a, for volunteering!
> Welcome,Esra'a!
> > However, I’m very concerned by this:
> >
> > "P.S. Due to the nature of Esra’a’s work, sharing photos or videos of
> Esra’a may endanger her safety or the safety of others. To help ensure the
> privacy and safety of Esra’a and her colleagues, we are not sharing any
> photographs or videos of Esra'a. We ask that you please join us in
> supporting this important safety consideration.”
> >
> > This is security by obscurity ( -
> which is at best a temporary measure that won’t last, particularly in a
> high-profile position like this. Aside from the potential media coverage,
> Wikimedia events are very well photographed by Wikimedians who want to
> illustrate a rather well-read encyclopaedia… This leads to an awkward
> situation where someone’s safety and Wikimedia’s openness are conflicting,
> which is not OK.
> Sorry, but I have to disagree, Mike.
> Openness - as generally understood in Wikimedia - does not conflict with
> respecting someone's privacy, much less so with not endangering their
> safety. I believe that respecting the privacy and anonymity of our
> editors (and readers, as well) is a value of Wikimedia.
> Furthermore, I feel that Wikimedians value very highly their privacy and
> anonimity, in fact, there are several Wikipedians with whom I have
> edited pages for years now, and I still have no idea of their real
> names, their age, their gender or where they live. All I know is their
> nicknames on the projects and it's perfectly fine like that. There are
> several rules that the communities have adopted to protect the privacy
> and anonymity of every user.
> Even at in-person events, there are usually ways to signal the fact that
> one does not want to be photographed or have photos or recordings of
> him/her, put online. You can also wear a badge with just your nickname
> and not your real name, so that's not new even for our live events.
> I agree with the idea that occupying a high-profile position and trying
> to limit one's own exposure are conflicting goals, but I am sure that
> this was very carefully.
> So, I understand that this may seem different from the usual, but,
> actually, it is not.
> Ciao,
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