Today we are going to be testing a banner with a community quote included
alongside the main appeal:


This quote originated from a fundraising interview of Rosie
Stevenson-Goodknight conducted at Wikimania 2017.

So we have two asks:

1) We want to hear your stories about Wikipedia, what motivates you to
contribute and why you think it’s important. It can be a sentence or two or
something long, just go to the following link and tell us your story:


2) We are testing banners showcasing the many diverse faces of the movement:


We tested on staff for ease but we would really like to do a community
faces banner. If you would like to potentially see your face in a banner go
to the following link:


Add your name and link to your photo on Wikimedia Commons. The photo MUST
be compatible with Commons hosting policies:



--Community selected banner content--

Over the weekend, we ran an experiment in deferring some of fundraisings
decision making to the community. Based on the outcome of that survey,
we’ve started updating our banners to the winning text with what we refer
to as the “heart and soul” line:

~~~The heart and soul of Wikipedia is a community of people working
passionately to bring you unlimited access to reliable, neutral

A huge thanks to all those who helped direct our efforts.

--Image ideas for emails--

We really need your ideas for new images to test in our fundraising emails.
We are looking for capitivating, fascinating or interesting images or gifs.

Please do get involved and submit your ideas here:


--Campaign Progress--

We launched our mobile campaign last Thursday and so had a busy weekend.
Things are progressing well and it’s looking like our efforts on mobile
show good growth from last year. Mobile fundraising still presents a
challenge as we try to make it as effective as desktop as our audience
shifts to mobile platforms. After a good first week we are taking stock of
where we are after our first week of testing and preparing our plans for
week two.

Will provide a more detailed update later this week!

Many Thanks


*Community and Audience Engagement Associate*
*Advancement (Fundraising), Wikimedia Foundation*
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