Ah, thanks for the clarification. Sorry for having missed the irony.


On Fri, Dec 8, 2017 at 2:39 AM mathieu stumpf guntz <
psychosl...@culture-libre.org> wrote:

> Le 07/12/2017 à 18:12, Denny Vrandečić a écrit :
> Mathieu,
> you wrote
> Despite the fact that reaching community consensus is an easy task,
> I just wanted to check whether that was a typo, irony, or actually meant
> that way. In the latter case, I would like to ask for {{cn}}.
> Sorry, some emoticon was missing here to make things more clear. It's
> plain irony here.
> Reaching and establishing community consensus seems to me one of the
> hardest tasks we are facing, which is why this sentence astonished me, and
> made me think whether I missed something fundamental.
> I completely agree with you that this is among the most hardest tasks.
> More broadly, to my mind, communication and empathy are among the less well
> developed topic in education relatively to their prominent importance in
> all domain where humans have to pay attention.
> Kind regards
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