Hi all,

We’re glad to briefly present to the community the two new members elected
on December 2 to Wikimédia France Board of Trustees by our General

— Pierre-Selim, 35, is a Product Manager and Data Scientist. Long-time
wikimedian, he enjoys contributing with his pictures to Wikimedia Commons.
He has already served on the board of Wikimédia France previously, in 2013
and from 2015 to Spring 2017. His term runs until October 2019.

— Hélène Masson, aka Edhral, is a 41-year-old Business Analyst. She has
been a Wikimedian since 2006 and strives to explain how Wikipedia works to
all her relations. Her term runs until October 2019.

Three other members of the Board, who had been elected in September for
this very short period, have been successfully reelected too.

— Kvardek du, 22, has been contributing to Wikimedia projects for 7 years
and organizes events like Art+Feminism editathons in Paris. Their PhD
research focuses on operational management in transportation. Their term
runs until October 2019.

— Lucas Lévêque, 29, a librarian and a passionate wiktionarist, arrived in
the association in 2014. He co-founded Lingua Libre and he registers
regional languages for the Wiktionary. His term runs until October 2019.

— Florence Raymond, 37, is an assistant curator, at the initiative of
Wikimuseum Project since 2016. She works for a better place of common goods
(photos and contents) in cultural structures. Her term runs until October

We are now 10 members at the board, but there's work for all :)

Nadine Le Lirzin

*Board member*

*Wikimédia France*
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