Denny, thanks for organizing and publishing!

You mentioned that the comm-tech team is the one "responsible for
investigating and addressing the top 10 wishes". I think the community
views WMF as more of a monolith, and I hope these votes have wider impact
on foundation priorities.  After all, commtech is only about 3% of the
staff (10 out of 291 [1]). I surely hope there is significantly more than
3% to tackle community wishes.

I think that by voting for something, the community would like WMF to
prioritize these directions above others in terms of new development work.
In other words, community speaks of **what** we think are the most
important projects, and WMF thinks of **how** it gets done - e.g. by
allocating resources, setting up a community tech team, realigning the
goals of the other teams, hiring contractors, etc etc.  It would be strange
if foundation spent significant resources on a project with marginal
interest, while ignoring community priorities.

Obviously this only applies to the new software developments, not any of
the maintenance work foundation has to do.




On Wed, Dec 13, 2017 at 9:29 PM, Danny Horn <> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> The Community Tech team is happy to announce the top 10 wishes from the
> 2017
> Community Wishlist Survey!
> More than 1,100 people participated in the survey this year -- proposing,
> discussing and voting on 214 ideas. There was a two-week period in November
> to submit and discuss proposals, followed by two weeks of support voting.
> The top 10 proposals with the most support votes now become Community
> Tech's backlog of projects to evaluate and address.
> And here's the new top 10:
> #1. Maps improvements (154 support votes)
> #2. Ping users from the edit summary (127)
> #3. Programs and events dashboard (111)
> #4. Blame tool (110)
> #5. Infobox wizard (106)
> #6. Article Alerts for more languages (102)
> #7. Auto-save edits (96)
> #7. Thanks notification for log entries (tie, 96)
> #9. SVG translation (94)
> #10. Commons deletion notification bot (91)
> You can see the whole list here, with links to proposals, project pages and
> Phabricator tickets:
> So what happens next?
> In 2018, the Community Tech team is responsible for investigating and
> addressing the top 10 wishes. If there's a wish in the top 10 that we can't
> work on, because it's unfeasible or because another group is working on it,
> then we'll explain why we can't.
> To get updates on our progress:
> There are project pages for each of the top 10 wishes, which you can put on
> your watchlist. We'll update them as the project progresses. (At time of
> writing, these are just skeletons; actual information on each project is
> still to come.) Feel free to post questions and suggestions on the project
> talk pages:
> _Current_projects
> If you're familiar with the Phabricator ticketing system, the main Phab
> task for each wish is noted on the Results page. You can also subscribe to
> those tickets for updates.
> We also publish several status reports through the year, to keep people
> updated. You can watch the main Community Tech page for updates:
> There are more questions and answers on the Wishlist Survey FAQ:
> Thanks to everybody who proposed, discussed, debated and voted on ideas in
> this year's Wishlist Survey!
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