- March 4 is the deadline for conference grant proposals for events that
   will happen between August 2018 and February 2019.
   - There is a new conference grant proposal template
   <>, and a
   required community engagement survey
   <> that must be
   completed before the proposal deadline.
   - Please email me by January 30th if you are thinking of planning a
   conference in 2018 - 2019.

Hi everyone,

As a grant Program Officer for the WMF Conference and Event grant program
<>, I support communities
to develop grant proposals and plan conferences, meetings and events that
need more than $2,000 USD.

I am writing to ensure that groups who are planning to request a grant from
the WMF to host a conference are aware of changes to the WMF conference
grant timelines and processes, and annual planning.

*Proposal process changes:*
In September 2017 we introduced a new proposal template and community
engagement survey for conference grants. The changes were made to support
event organizers to gather community input about what topics, projects or
goals are most important to focus on at a proposed event.

   - Communities and organizing teams should be aware that there is a
new Conference
   grant proposal template
   <>, which
   includes a community engagement survey
   <> that must be
   completed before the proposal deadline.
   - If your community has a process they prefer to use to gather input to
   plan conferences, organizers should contact Kacie Harold at by January 30s to discuss.

*Proposal timeline changes:*
We will be extending the March 2018 round review period by to ensure there
is sufficient time for applicants to update proposals after staff feedback.
Organizers will have the opportunity to revise their proposal after WMF
staff review, and will be able to respond to comments for one week after
the committee review.

   - 4 March: Proposal deadline
   - 5 - 16 March: WMF staff feedback and eligibility review
   - 25 March: Proposal revision deadline
   - 26 March - 8 April: Grant committee review
   - 20 April: Grant decisions posted

Groups who need more than $2,000 USD funding for an event that will take
place between August 2018 and February 2019 should apply for a conference
grant by March 4 2018.

*Annual planning for 2018-19 budget:*
The WMF is working our FY18-19 annual plan and budget. We want to know what
events communities might need funding for during this period.  All groups
who are thinking about requesting a WMF conference grant for potential
events in 2018 and 2019 are encouraged to contact Kacie Harold, the WMF
Conference Grant Program Officer by January 30th.

Thanks for your extended attention - I look forward to all of your emails
and questions.


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