The Education team is happy to announce the release of the report, “Does
Wikipedia Belong in Education?,”
a survey report on the Wikipedia Education Program

In September and October 2017, we surveyed stakeholders in the Wikipedia
Education Program to get their perception of the program as a
whole—including where we were succeeding, and where we could do with some
improvement.  More than 200 people completed it in 10 different languages.
In addition to the survey, the Education team conducted interviews with
Wikimedia affiliates that helped to qualify the survey data. We wanted to
find out what people think we are doing, what they think we should do,
whether they value Wikimedia projects being used in education, and what
they think of our current communications materials and resources.

The full report can be found on Wikimedia Commons
A Wiki version on our Outreach Portal <> is

Happy reading!

*Nichole Saad*
WMF | Education Program Manager
user: NSaad (WMF)

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