> 1) I don't quite see how your question about servers and switches relates
> to Stephen's statement. Could you explain for us mere mortals how you link
> the two?

The NSA surveillance which was reauthorized by Congress can not depend
on eavesdropping alone with new HTTPS cyphers. It needs compromised
hardware to work, such as has been included in Dell servers since the
Foundation started purchasing them, and the design of which was
overseen by the Foundation's CTO, who worked then at Intel. This
provides us with the know-how, a teachable moment, and an excellent
opportunity to specify and acquire replacement open source hardware
which doesn't have the DIETYBOUNCE / System Management Mode OOB / iAMT
and related backdoors.


> 2) I somehow missed the commitment by the WMF to research "FEC requirements
> of organized advocates for US political candidates' or anything that
> suggests that the WMF may advocate for specific political candidates (which
> seems a change of course that would be hard to sweep under the rug). Could
> you quote?



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